Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Are You Watering the Wrong Plants on Empire Avenue?

Gardeners have a simple trick for growing the healthiest, strongest plants. They sow several more seeds than they need, then they discard the least favorable shoots a few weeks later. 

They shower all their attention on the plants showing early promise, in order to ensure the best return on their investment.

Reverse Agriculture

On Empire Avenue, some players seem bent on the reverse. 

They chase down seeds that did not sprout. 

They demand more output from stunted shoots. 

They waste their time and energy on unproductive relationships rather than nourishing the ones that have taken root. 

Even worse, they throw public tantrums with no regard for how these might damage their social standing.


Rather than combing a completed mission list looking for players to chastise, you should be following up with those who look like the best prospects for developing long-term relationships. 

That's social.

Skip the name calling and blacklisting. Go out there and find the folks who resonate with your brand and content. Figure out how to engage these players further, and adjust your missions so they filter to these relationships. 

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Photo of watering can courtesy of oatsy40


  1. Great analogy Tammi.Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Glad to be connected to a fellow #Blogger! Thanks for the #EmpireAve tips!

  3. Thanks for your guidance and support Tammi!

  4. Love the analogy Tammi - it resonates and I'm sure will have outliers scratching their heads -way to go!

  5. thanks for sharing, there is no place for those neg actions in social networking - on or off line, it is really only harmful to the ranters, who are damaging their reputation and repelling any potential marketing partners.

  6. Wonderful analogy, Tammi, I can relate to your mindset 100 %. Thanks!

  7. Great blog and RIGHT ON Tammi!!!!