Friday, March 21, 2014

Getting Started on Empire Avenue

The online stock market game Empire Avenue (EAv) can be confusing for new players. This Getting Started checklist will help ensure you have touched all the bases your first day in the game.

1. Create a profile with a photo.

Nobody wants to invest in the invisible man. If you already have a profile photo or brand logo on your other social networks, use it to build a consistent image of you or your brand. 

Keep in mind, you must own the rights to the photo or have permission to use it.  

2. Connect all your networks.

Your social networks are your capital on Empire Avenue. In order to interest people in buying your shares, you need to show what you are worth. 

Do not worry that a network is as yet underdeveloped. Get it connected so you can start tracking and improving it.

3. Define your purpose for using the site. 

Players have many different reasons for playing the game. 
Are you here to:

  • Make friends? 
  • Play a game and accumulate virtual wealth? 
  • Evaluate your brand's online engagement? 

Your purpose will guide your investment strategy, the content you share and your style of play.  

4. List yourself on the stock market.

You must be listed in order to connect with investors. 

5. Pick up free shares in Invest missions.  

Invest missions allow experienced EAv players to give free shares to new players. You find these freebie investments by clicking the Missions button and then either clicking the invest icon or choosing Invest from the Category Filter drop-down menu.

For me, invest missions are gravy. You get free shares and future dividends. I recommend new players check for invest missions every time they visit Empire Avenue. 

Keep in mind, there is an etiquette to completing missions. At the very minimum, you should like the mission and leave a thank-you comment. After you do the mission, you can reload the page to get the feedback option and give the mission creator positive feedback. Finally, if the mission creator is not the same as the account whose shares you received, it is customary to leave a timeline comment, "XXX shares courtesy of (e)MISSIONCREATORTICKER." 

  • Like
  • Thank you
  • Positive feedback
  • Credit when due

Why go to all that trouble? Two reasons. First, liking, leaving a comment and giving positive feedback to a mission creator whose shares you own contributes to the dividends that creator's shares pay to you. Second, doing these things will help you build a positive reputation in the EAv community. 

6. Pick up free eaves in Gift missions

Gift missions are another category you can access from the mission page by clicking the icon or choosing Gift from the Category Filter.

Again, you must mind your manners in missions, especially while you are building a reputation on EAv. Even when the eaves are free, some mission creators expect you to like, comment and give positive feedback, and all of them appreciate when you do.

Watch out for gift and invest missions that have added requirements like, "Follow me on Twitter." These missions may not align with the spirit of EAv's intent for these mission categories, but your best bet for positive feedback and network growth is to avoid missions you do not plan to complete the way the creator asked. 

By the way, if you are not already maxed in the creator of a gift mission, you might use the gift eaves to buy shares. Your call.

7. Thank new investors. 

Buy back at least one share in each new investor. Respond to messages left on your timeline, and leave a message when you purchase shares in others. 

A note about Empire Avenue timelines: On Facebook and other networks, your timeline or wall is usually a curated stream of content about you. 

On Empire Avenue, your timeline is more like a guest book. Visitors to your profile leave comments to let you know they were there. Some of these shouts will be self-promotional. You can remove messages you find offensive if you want, however, I have heard some players claim that these shouts on your timeline are good for your EAv network score. 

8. Join two or three communities.

At the very least, you should join the Empire Avenue General Discussion. Most communities will tolerate one Hi-I'm-new-and-excited-to-be-here post from a new member that will attract a few investors. Read the About description for the community to be sure.

9. Polish your other network profiles.

As I said in #2, your social networks are your capital. EAv is a great accelerator, but you must have something going on elsewhere if you want to make yourself visible in the game. Do all your connected networks have your profile photo? A completed bio? Recent, public activity?

At the end of the day, your Empire Avenue playing strategy will likely include developing a strategy for your other social networks, unless you already have extensive relationships and engagement elsewhere. 

Any questions? 

Drop a comment below. 

Are you ready to get started? 

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Full Disclosure:

I am an Empire Avenue affiliate. If you join using my referral link, I may receive a commission on any future purchases you make on the site.

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