Tuesday, February 25, 2014

When Prodigal Sons Return to Empire Avenue

Some experienced players close their Empire Avenue (EAv) accounts when they leave the game. If they later return and open a new account, these "prodigal" sons and daughters are excellent investments. 

Players who reboot their accounts with their original social networks use their knowledge of the game to tap connections they had before, and they quickly shoot back up the scoreboards. 

Before Closing EAv Account 

Bear in mind: it is not necessary to close your account on Empire Avenue when you decide to stop playing. For a month after you stop logging in, EAv will continue to pay you dividends. You can check back in, make some big investments, and even run some missions with those accumulated dividends. As long as you sign in at least once a month and make a buy, EAv will keep paying you. 

Even if you do not check in that often, EAv will continue to pay out dividends to your investors. EAv calculates these dividends based on your social activity on your top five networks as long as you leave your account active. 

Some former players maintain high share prices and high dividend payouts based solely on their activity on other social networks and without interacting on EAv. Shareholders keep investing as long as the dividends are high.

Closing Time

Still, some players prefer to shut the whole thing down when they leave Empire Avenue. They close their accounts, creating instant refunds for their shareholders and selling off all the shares in their portfolios.  

If someone holds 2000 shares in you, and they sell them all at once, your share price will go down a bit. So, when an active player closes her account, the players whose shares she held feel a price pinch. Fortunately, we don't actually have to repay the eaves we were originally paid for the shares.

If you own shares in a player who closes her account, you get a refund, but you also lose the ability to earn dividends you had been receiving on that account. All you can do is take your refund and reinvest in others. If you are not able to invest in better yielding accounts, your daily dividends will go down. 

Strange Addiction

Empire Avenue is not an easy game to quit. I suspect some players feel forced to close their accounts because they have not succeeded in their efforts to stop visiting the site. Others know they will be cutting back on all their online social activity and do not want to leave a negative impression. 

There are as many reasons for closing an EAv account as there are for playing the game in the first place. This week it is rumored that someone decided to see what would happen if he closed his account believing that the EAv wizards would be able to restore it. (They did not.)

Anyway, a prodigal player will sometimes have a change of heart. A day, a week, or three months later, you'll see a familiar face among the recently listed. You'll hear buzz in the communities. A big player who left has returned.

Get Over It

When you get a chance, be sure to jump in and ride a prodigal son trend rather than nursing any lingering resentment. If a player's shares were worth XXX eaves (e) per share before closing, seize the opportunity to grab shares that cost XXe. Those shares will quickly rise in value and catch the eye of new investors, pushing the share price up even higher. 

You may feel the player is fickle. You may still smart from a negative share price day you had. 


This gift of bargain shares in a safe bet allows you to earn back more than you lost in dozens of account closings. Celebrate when a prodigal returns to Empire Avenue. 

Case Study

On January 31, 2014, Paul Sprague started a new ticker on Empire Avenue. I knew Sprague from last year when his ticker was consistently paying high dividends, but he had gone inactive on EAv months ago. When I saw he had rebooted, I bought my first 200 shares while he was a fresh face at 38.56e. 

After three and a half weeks, Sprague's shares are now trading at 301.24e, over seven times my original investment. Sprague's EAv network score is 67, his dividends are above 2.00e/share, and I am confident this investment will continue to appreciate while paying great dividends. 

Empire Avenue - the Social Stock Market Game

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